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Handmade : Khadki : December 2018

Handmade : Khadki : December 2018

The intervention is built in the Khadki, a tribal village at the border of Gujarat and Maharashtra. The construction revolved around explorations in bamboo structures, a bamboo pavilion and bamboo tunnel constructed within the 15-day construction workshop. Bamboo is used as a construction material to demonstrate its construction capabilities, being an alternative to the Valsadi wood which was getting extensively depleted in the region. 

The construction was carried out in parts - starting with foundation and plinth construction, followed by preparation of members and joints separately, later assembled on site. The two structures, pavilion and tunnel were constructed simultaneously with equal number of participants involved in both. The participants included local craftsmen, skilled bamboo craftsmen from Maharashtra, students from the Karigarshala in Kutch who were natives of Khadki as well as students of architecture from across the country.  The workshop was conducted in two parts: the first part involved the participants in rigurousl documenting and understand the local materials and construction techniques of the context. While the seond part involved a learning the properties and challenges of building in bamboo, through a hands-on experience.
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Bamboo Pavilion
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