01st January 1970

FNC with Vidhya Mohankumar

11th September 2020

FNC with Muzammil Hussain

17th July 2020

FNC with Priyanka Bista

22nd May 2020

Exhibition at World Reconstruction Conference in Geneva, Switzerland

15th May 2020

FNC with Namrata Kapoor

15th May 2020

Presentation at an online webinar by DesignUnited

15th May 2020

UNMUTE issue 1 is out

10th May 2020

UNMUTE issue 2 is out

10th May 2020

FNC with Design Jatra

08th May 2020

FNC with Rushil Palavajjhala

17th April 2020

Presentation at Architecture and People Conference, Rizvi College

24th February 2020

Invited for the Gubbi meet in GOA

22nd February 2020

UNMUTE topic is out

10th February 2020

FNC with Vishwanath Kashikar

07th February 2020

Presentation at Kakani Associates

05th February 2020

Inauguration of Basa: An sustainable architecture initiative towards community tourism

15th January 2020

Bamboo workshop at Venus University

29th December 2019

Exhibition of MSL winning entries at MCGM Engineering Hub, Worli

20th December 2019

FNC with Rajendra and Rupal Desai

05th December 2019

Presented at MCGM Headquarters for MSL jury

13th November 2019

Rural Narratives workshop registrations

05th November 2019

Exhibition at World Bank Headquarters, Washington DC

03rd November 2019

Exhibition at United Nations, NewYork

14th October 2019

FNC with Sankalpa, Pratik Soni and Deval Patel

11th October 2019

Bamboo Workshop at Anant University

30th July 2019

Presentation at SEA emerging practices

26th July 2019

Presentation at Blocher & Blocher office, Ahmedabad

13th July 2019

Center table discussion with Uday Andhare

10th July 2019

FNC with Giovanni Llamas

05th July 2019

Interview on Resilient Homes Challenge

18th May 2019

Registrations for Hand-made at Khirsu open

20th April 2019

Center table discussion with Sonal Sancheti and Rahul Gore of OPOLIS

06th March 2019

Bamboo and thatch workshop at IIT Roorkee

01st March 2019

Presentation at SVIT, Vasad

12th February 2019

Center table discussion with Sankalpa

06th February 2019

Panel invitation at Death of architecture, ATMA

30th January 2019

Exhibition at Raw Collaborative

03rd December 2018

Raw discoveries Award

01st December 2018

Center table discussion with Kevin Mark Low and Shubra Raje

24th November 2018

Presentation for village sarpanch meet at AMA, Ahmedabad

13th October 2018

Presentation at Anant University

29th September 2018

Presentation at NID, Gandhinagar

25th September 2018

Registrations for Handmade at Khadki open

14th September 2018

Presentation at IPSA college, Rajkot

21st August 2018

On-Campus Workshop: Uka Tarsadia University, Surat - Hands on Architecture Workshop to explore Bamboo as a construction material

10th August 2018

Center table discussion with Prof. Neelkanth Chayya

25th July 2018

Center table discussion with Palinda Kannangara

04th July 2018

Architecture of Food, design workshop at IIT Roorkee

09th May 2018

Presentation organized by Doshi We Know foundation

20th April 2018

Registrations for Handmade at Ghuggu Kham open

31st March 2018

Registrations for Handmade at Badalpara open

11th January 2017

Inauguration of Gather-Together: Restaurant Interior Design for Shankar's Ice Cream Library

09th January 2017

Inauguration of Optimum Residence: House Layouts for the Caretaker's residence

01st January 1970

Village Haat: Sfurna Design Institute - 10 days hands on learning architecture workshop for exploring bamboo as a material for construction

01st January 1970