Interior Design


Ultratools Corporate office

Ultratools Corporate office

Project Client

Ultratools Pvt.Ltd.

Project Type

Corporate Office Interiors


Goregaon, Mumbai

Project Status

Completed, January 1970


2200 sqft

The Utratools office is designed inside a large old godown of Mumbai, characterised by large ceiling heights and a single space. The client wanted us to design a spacious and airy office, with a simple aesthetic. He also wanted to make use of the outdoor compound area, as a space for leisure for his customers and his dog. Keeping this in mind the office is designed to retain a large ceiling height allowing ample natural light, to flush the spaces. The director's cabin is also made facing the outdoor lawn area.

Within the workspace, all partitions are kept full height to provide visibility and transparency between workspaces and the directors offices. The interiors are designed with muted tones using only blue and yellow colours to highlight the brand's identity and image. Parts of the old furniture and ceiling is refurbished to cut cost, but yet accentuate the aesthetics of space. The workstations are designed for various permutations and combinations, depending on the job distribution. Furniture pieces are a mix of bespoke and modular, to give a uniform language to the entire office.