Private Architecture


Optimum residence

Optimum residence

Project Client

Rotary Club of Cosmopolitan Ahmedabad

Project Type



Bopal Prathmik Shala, Ahmedabad

Project Status

Completed, January 2017


30 sqm

This project was executed in collaboration with Rotary Club of Ahmedabad and it required development of a public school campus. The caretaker’s residence was the first such built intervention, to be followed by a stage wise development. The residence was designed with tight restrictions of budget as well as space. Explorations of compact space drove the design. Optimum space requirements for both the watchman and his family were incorporated. The outside faces were designed in a way to respond to the school, while inner spaces, according to household requirements. A solid bold façade facing the institution envelops a smaller closed space and a verandah. Waste materials like tyres, tetrapacks and glass bottles were used as building materials, to not only cut costs but also to create an awareness of waste management amongst the school children.

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