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Mathsya Darshini has been designed as a template model for Karnataka Fisheries Department Corporation in collaboration with IDECK, Bengaluru. KFDC currently runs Mathsya Darshinis across the state which they intend to develop further through a franchise model. 
The proposed design attempts to standardize the built aesthetics, services, and structure of the facility and give a unique identity to Mathsya Darshinis which will be built across the state of Karnataka. 
The design was arrived at after studying the existing issues in the current facilities and integrates majorly three kinds of programs, which are a fish sales unit, fish restaurant, and fish aquarium sales. It attempts to increase the efficiency in the movement of fish and the people. Special attention is given to the layout to avoid cross-contamination in the kitchen. The dining area provides various kinds of clustered seating for different experiences. The integrated facility is designed for three different sizes and contexts.

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