Nine Neem

Nine Neem

Project Client

Jayshree Modi

Project Type



Palodia, Ahmedabad

Project Status



430 Sqm

Two thick long North-South walls engulf a meandering street inside the house, which lead to various spaces of varying volumes and degrees of openness. The idea behind the spatial organisation and the scale of spaces lend an earthy and humane character to the house. Designed primarily for a single retired resident; safety, security and comfort were paramount in taking any kind of design decision. Conceptually, the plan and the form of the house organically evolved around the nine neem trees that are already present on site and the idea was to not cut any of them and weave the spaces around them.

The house has a humble entrance with steps winding around a small lilypond. The passage which starts at the entrance vestibule, slithers through the pooja room and living room and it narrows down further, creating a buffer space between the staircase and the courtyard. It further widens to morph into an open dining room which leads to the kitchen on one side and a bedroom on the other. The dining opens into a back verandah and a garden.

The staircase is imagined as the spine of the whole house and all the other spaces of the house revolve around it, hence it becomes an active multipurpose space, used not only for going to the next level, but also to sit, to lean against it, to store something below it, or to decorate it with objects. The staircase transforms into a bridge-like passage supported on two beams on the shorter ends. This bridge faces the courtyard and leads to two more bedrooms on the first floor on one side and the entrance to the terrace on the other. The tiny courtyard is encapsulated by 4 neem trees and it plays a pivotal role in the organisation of the activities in the plan. Each room has a verandah or balcony and is designed to get enough natural light and ventilation. The design is detailed in a way that every space is easy to access, use and maintain.