Lakdi Ki Kathi

Lakdi Ki Kathi

Project Client

Ghuggu-Sighdi Gram Panchayat, Ghuggukham Prathmik Shala

Project Type

Educational institution


Ghuggukham, Nainital, Uttarakhand

Project Status

Completed, January 2018


35 sqm

The building is an extension to the existing secondary school building in Ghuggukham village. The site is at the peak of a hill overlooking a lush green valley on which the village spreads itself. Since the secondary school building had sufficient open space around it, the new building as well as the proposed play area is accommodated in the same campus.

The building and spaces are designed according to the space requirements of the students and teachers. Local materials and techniques are used for construction, simultaneously involving villagers and school students in the process. Earthquake resilience, water proofing and water harvesting is incorporated into the design of the building, informed from the problems faced by the village. Hence, the building system and techniques are designed as a prototype for the village to adopt from.
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The Chowk Installation - An Interactive Signage

The main chowk of Ghuggukham is a landmark for all kinds of people throughout the day. The only signage of Ghuggukham existed in the form of a dilapidated, hardly visible board of Ghuggukham at the chowk. Beginning with the need to provide a signage to represent the essence of Ghuggukham, an intervention at the chowk was designed.

A built structure that takes inspiration from the traditional house forms of the region was designed and built as an interactive signaage. Within the structure a motion sensor is installed to detect a passerby and play soundclips. Eight soundclips inspired from the local practices and the environment, like the sound of the birds or a local folk song were carefully recorded and are installed with the sensor. These recordings play at regular intervals as and when a person passes by the structure. Since the built structure translates from local elements of Ghuggukham and sounds of the place, a sensorial experience gathers a passerby. Simultaneously, reminding and acquainting them of the richness this place holds within it.

On-site support : Mr.Shailendra Shahji; Mr.Mohan and Mrs.Shanti Adhikari,Gram pradhan, Ghuggukham;  Mrs.Rama and other teachers, all the kids of the school
Masonry : Rameshji and mohanda
Mud plaster : Mrs.Shanti Adhikari and team

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