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Religious township


Bhalbamora, Vidisha district, Madhya Pradesh

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14.5 acres

Bhaktigram is a non-sectarian Krishna Conscious vedic village situated in the interiors of Madhya Pradesh. A collective of devotees seeking to deepen connection to the Supreme while living in harmony with Mother Earth will reside here. It is a spiritually diverse hub for all people who are interested to get involved in any of the diverse aspects of conscious, natural and dignified living. This ecovillage will house organic agriculture, diverse arts and crafts, training and workshops to equip the community on organic and sustainable living social hub. 

An in-depth study on the religious beliefs, practices, daily routines of the devotees was observed. Villages around Badwasa have a rich built heritage which was studied. These studies were eventually taken into the design with a  participatory approach involving the devotees and the local village support. 

The built infrastructure design is informed by learning the local and Vedic lifestyle, as well as key climatic concerns of the region. Primart construction materials are thick cob walls, local stone, khajuri wood and bamboo.

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