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House of Bygones

House of Bygones

Project Client

Alisha Khambolja, Ankit Patel

Project Type




Project Status

Completed, January 1970



Elements from a 100 year old pol house in the old city of Baroda are reimagined and repurposed to create new spaces which linger and dwell in cherished memories; a testament to bygone times.

Old doors, chairs, tables, storage shutters, shelves, and everything possible, are either tweaked and redesigned to suit the overall aesthetic of the space or dismantled and used to make new objects out of them. 

Subtle hints of objects from the ancestral home are used to evoke various memories that were attached to them, and the stories and events associated with these objects that lived in that house for more than a century are now transposed to a new space. An old door now becomes a bench, a vintage sofa hand rest becomes a console, the wood from an old broken dining table is used to make the center teepoy and old fabrics and sarees are sandwiched between glass of  cabinet shutters or framed and hung on walls. The tapestries were carefully chosen to complement the wood-heavy furniture and overall the attempt was to not over design the spaces so that the reimagined objects become the focus and become trigger points for conversations and various activities performed in the house.

Photography credits : Palak Jhaveri
Head Carpenter : Vinod bhai and team 
Head Painter : Ramprasad and team