Interior Design




Project Client

Lexcru Pvt. Ltd

Project Type

Corporate Office Interiors


Vastral, Ahmedabad

Project Status

Completed, November 2018


4850 sqft

The main challenge of the project was to meet the innumerable needs of the client and to realize his aspirations and imaginations of what a corporate office means to him. The project tries to tackle these issues in a way that is more rational in both; organisation and aesthetics of the space.

The spaces are sequenced in a way so as to create an experience for the user as he/she walks from the entrance to his/her cabin. Subtle tones of grey and natural shades of light wood have been used to finish the surfaces which creates an aura of a surreal grey landscape. The common spaces have been designed keeping in mind the kind of visitors that will come to the office and it houses various ways of displaying their products. Each piece of furniture is designed and handcrafted to suit the needs of the user, making the base look robust, yet subtle and the top of the table is lightly placed on the base.

Photography credits : Palak Jhaveri
Head carpenter : Amit Bhai and team
Fabrication : Mukeshbhai and team