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Gather - Together

Gather - Together

Project Client

Shankar's Ice cream

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Project Status

Completed, January 1970


990 sqft

Eating Ice cream is almost like a ritualistic experience for the people of Ahmedabad and it is engrained into the culture of the city. It is synonymous to bars when one talks about nightlife in Ahmedabad. Families, friends and relatives ``gather - together" to engage in the pleasure of eating ice cream. The concept of the project was to foster the idea of "eating like a family" by the way the furniture has been treated. A long curvy table with loose stools not only makes different people sit beside each other and interact, but also solves issues of flexibility in seating as well as quick rotation of the customers. The long table can accommodate various groups of people. It expands and contracts at various places. Couples can sit close to each other and share their ice cream where the table becomes very narrow and big families can accommodate themselves at the corners where the table becomes larger. The table slithers in the available space and it weaves a different story in the space everyday. As soon as one group finishes their ice cream, another takes their place and the rotation continues. The other concepts and elements were designed in accordance with the central idea of the table.

Photography credits : Palak Jhaveri
Head Carpenter : Jasu bhai & team