Interior Design


FLH Forest

FLH Forest

Project Client

D&C Developers, affiliated by Ahmedabad University

Project Type

Hostel Interiors



Project Status

Completed, January 2021


17000 sqft

As a true embodiment to its name, Feels like Home(FLH), the hostel has been designed to make one feel as comfortable and relaxed as you would in your own space. Contrary to the idea of hostels being drab and unimaginative, the FLH hostel provides a vibrant and invigorating experience to student life. As one traverses from the entrance to the roof, each experience is an exploration from subterranean to the stratosphere. This journey from the roots of the trees making shelves in the basement to tack boards shaped like the sun and moon connected via the green branches of a tree highlights the central theme of the eponymous FLH Forest. The façade of the building rises up from the green foliage of a forest to the blue clouds in the sky, framing a typical forest scene. The main public space is the ground floor amphitheater with yellow steps and two large yellow circular seatings.  A free and open hollow plinth awards ample interactive spaces overlooking the greens planted in the margins. Abundant green spaces in the common areas and extra lounge spaces have been provided to create a lively atmosphere. Basic facilities like a pantry on each floor and a common lounge, gym and reading space create various spaces of interaction for the students post classes. Each room is equipped with individual study tables and storage spaces. The graphical quality of the corridor spaces is continued inside the room with painted tack boards and shelves.

Execution Agency - Collaborative Design
Photography Credits - Palak Jhaveri