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Project Client

Mrs.Dipty Parmar

Project Type

Animal husbandry


Surendranagar, Gujarat

Project Status



650 sqm

The project is located in Surendranagar district of Suarashtra region of Gujarat. This is a cowshed designed for 75-80 cows along with ancillary facilities. The cows were to be divided into milking cows, non-milking cows, pregnant cows, calfs and bulls. The existing condition, shape of the site and the divisions amongst the cows guided the layout of the gaushala. The space is designed considering the efficiency of flow of inlet food materials for the cows and removal of organic waste from cow feaces and urine. The systems to collect waste and milk and convert it into usable products is incorporated into the design. Along with technical detailing, major efforts have been put to make the building with sensitive details that make a friendly environment for the cows to live in. There is maximum open area provided and there is a subtle transition from semi open to open space. A part of project also includes milk processing units and office space which are designed by giving internal courtyards, making the space open to multiple uses.

Bamboo is the primary material used to make the shed. The bamboo structure is placed on steel columns. Multiple steel joints are fabricated at the junctions for making the bamboo joints efficient. The flooring is an exposed brick flooring which does not heat up and is not slippery. Jute cloth is used as a heat insulator below the tin sheets on the roof.  Apart the shed, the main walls are stone masonry as it is cost efficient and locally available in the area. Local mud plaster techniques are used for the floor.

Bamboo masons : Sonu bhai & team

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