Urban Development




Project Client

Private investor

Project Type

Public market


Dharampur, Valsad, Gujarat

Project Status



11 acres

The design of the APMC market at Dharampur is done in a way that there is optimum utilisation of available space. The buyers of the shops are not given just one design for their shop, but rather a choice between various modules designed in aspects of functionality, flexibility for expansion, accessibilityaesthetics in relation to the whole market.

Small green patches are incorporated in the plan to cut through the density of the built mass. Certain spots are proposed as spaces for the mango vendors to relax and socialise in their extra time. Systems of water management, sanitation and drainage are taken care of in the whole site area. Cost effectiveness, faster construction and optimum utilisation of resources were also aspects that are stressed upon to make this mega project viable for the clients. 

Project collaborator : Saransh architects
MEP consultant : Milind Mehta 
Structural designer : Nikunj Mistry

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