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सड़क के किनारे : Sadak ke Kinare

सड़क के किनारे : Sadak ke Kinare

Project Client

Uttarakhand tourism; District Collectorate, Chamoli

Project Type

Public park / Livelihood generation


Nandaprayag, Chamoli, Uttarakhand

Project Status



45 sqm

A dilapidated public park located along NH7, is developed into a tea and souvenir shop facility hence developing an active public space and relaxation point for the locals as well as commuting tourists.In addition to offering spectacular views of the Nandprayag (one of the Panch Prayag),
the project facilitates livelihood generation for the local women. Hence the project aims at,
1.Livelihood generation- A cafeteria serving snacks and selling local produce, run by local women. 
2.Enhancement of public space- A pause point for locals as well as tourists.
3.Reviving cultural heritage- Structure inspired from traditional construction techniques
4.A highway eatery- Tourists en-route to Badrinath can snack here with a view of the Prayag

The outdoor seating facilty consisting of geometric forms in primary colours makes the facility easily visible to vehicles passing by. The semicircular glass deck cantilevered toward the riverside becomes an extension to the outdoor seating area. Traditional stone structure of the local women run tea and souvenir shop emphasises the cultural identity of the region.The language of the facade is designed in such a way that it integrates with the existing information signage on the site.

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