इर्द गिर्द : In Circles

इर्द गिर्द : In Circles

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Redbricks School, Abellon

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352 sqm

This project is conceptualized as an experiential play space for toddlers in a primary school. The design not only efficiently looks after the aspect of child safety, but also looks at ways in which children can experience various textures, levels, materials and surfaces. There are many elements which the kids can touch, feel, climb, roll, jump, slide, bounce, sit, sleep, relax and get lost.

There is a singular long roof which houses different functions like mud kitchen, construction zone, seating spaces, etc. The randomly placed columns encourage the kids to appropriate the spaces according to them and run around the space "in circles". There are other scattered spaces like a multi-functional play bridge, a pretend play hut, bamboo forest area, sand pit and vertical garden, which are all connected by an organic winding pathway made of different kinds of stones and mosaic textures. All these functions huddle around the central lawns where the kids can unwind and play around.