KEPL Factory

KEPL Factory

Project Client

Kalpar engineers pvt ltd

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Project Status

Completed, January 2019


1100 sqm

The factory is made in Surendranagar, which primarily has hot and dry climate. The shed houses machinery for making caster wheels. Caster wheels making required working in two materials, one is metal and another is plastic. This shed has been designed for processing the metal part and then assembly of the metal product and plastic wheel which comes from other plant. The space is dived into two parts one is where the heavy engineering machinery is housed and other is where assembly will take place. Project also required designing material flow of the industrial process and thereby optimizing the travel time of product, making it move flawlessly in the assigned space. This was done by strategically placing the input and output entries. The building is placed along the E-W axis, therefore to minimize direct heat gain, in the building making a comfortable environment for the worker work for long hours. The south façade is treated with fins and openings, which breaks the direct sun, and making it thermally insulated. North façade has large opening, the space houses assembly unit, therefore openings become relief to view outside for the workers. Uniform light from the roof helps in efficient usage of artificial source of light. There is a canteen space designed at the west end of the unit, which opens the view into the endless fields. Landscape treatment is carefully designed taking into consideration local species and dust filtration plants. Structure of the building is composite; it is brick concrete and PEB. Master planning on site is done taking into consideration expansion plans and overall landscape.

Project Manager : Jagdishbhai and team.