Rural Narratives : Khirsu : December 2019

Rural Narratives : Khirsu : December 2019
Farming, Festivities and Feminism in Khirsu

The Rural Narratives workshop was an attempt to document and represent the social and cultural heritage of Khirsu in a form of a live exhibition that is curretly displayed in the Khirsu Tourism Center. The cente at Khirsu is designed and executed by Compartment S4 as a part of a hand-made workshop conducted in summer 2019. During the workshop, the participants were involved in various on-ground ethnographic exercises to understand and dwell deeper into the socio-cultural traditions/rituals of Khirsu. Over the course of the workshop, the participants along with the team of Compartment S4 and Studio If, designed and executed an exhibition featuring Farming, Festivities and Feminism in Khirsu.

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On-ground Research
Exhibition at Khirsu Tourism Center, BASA
Exhibition Panels
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