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Tres Amigos

Tres Amigos

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Tres Amigos

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Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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Completed, January 2024


1500 sqft

"Tres Amigos," a 1500 sqft restaurant that embraces you in a sea of fiery red, drawing inspiration from the vibrant hues of the Mexican desert and its rich cuisine. The rustic terracotta red, washing over the space, creates an intimate and warm ambiance for up to 80 patrons.

To break down the large area and enhance comfort, the design introduces thoughtful interior details reminiscent of the Mexican landscape and art. The glass facade is a unique blend of red perforated metal sheet on top and glass bricks at the bottom, establishing a distinctive brand identity. This layering not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also modulates light, enticing patrons into the inviting entrance vestibule.

A 6 ft tall handmade lamp, inspired by the desert cacti, rises majestically, symbolizing the spirit of Mexico. The pièce de résistance, a monumental 42 feet long wooden table, dominates the center, encouraging communal dining at the heart of the restaurant. Booth seating with red table tops and earthy yellow benches flank the central table, fostering a cozy and convivial atmosphere. Custom-designed hand-printed scrolls, drawing inspiration from Mexico's rich tactile heritage, add an element of privacy and elevate visual interest.

The live bar boasts a vibrant backdrop of patterned tiles and a hanging glass canopy, creating a lively focal point. Creative utilization of existing columns carves out unique, intimate niches perfect for cozy dinners. Amid the bespoke elements, three colorful skull-shaped rugs hanging on the wall stand out, reimagining the Mexican skull—a symbol of afterlife and rebirth—as textured carpets against an otherwise somber backdrop. In essence, this Mexican restaurant weaves a vibrant tapestry, telling a story through its design, flavors, and cultural nuances—a true reflection of the lively streets of Mexico City!

Photography Credits: MKG Studio
Rugs: Studio Arisa
Lights: Ikea