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Three Yellow Circles

Three Yellow Circles

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Completed, January 2022


1450 sqft

Three large yellow circles floating in the midst of infinite matter, collide and stick to one another to form a glowing center. This little whimsical story forms the basis of the design idea of the project. The most important element of the project is its flooring, and the rest follows it. The three large golden yellow Jaisalmer stone circles are surrounded by a random black and white terrazzo of  industrial waste cut pieces of Ambaji marble and Kadappa stone. Created entirely out of easily available natural stones, this flooring design creates a prominent visual impact as one enters the restaurant. Almost like bright objects floating in space or like kebabs floating in delicious Mughlai gravy!

The client of this project is a well known chain restaurant  in Ahmedabad called Eat Punjab, catering North Indian delicacies, and especially known for its kebabs and meat curries. The design tries to create a visual style for the chain restaurant which can become their identity and can be later re-imagined in different ways in their other branches.

Three circular tables are placed on top of the three yellow circles in the center. On one side of that, there is a long Forest-Green sofa which continues along the length of the wall and loose tables and chairs are placed around it. And on the other side, there is a row of diagonally placed square tables. There’s also one area at the back with a bigger table for large families.

Overall, the palette of materials, colours and textures, place this restaurant comfortably somewhere between being a fine dine and an easy diner. Forest-green sofas are juxtaposed with mud-orange tiles and fluted wooden paneling on the walls. The dark teak wood furniture compliments the bright natural stones in the flooring. The hanging brass lights, brass utensils and the mirror panels on the walls,  all of these elements create a nostalgia of being somewhere in a haveli or a palace somewhere in Patiala, reminiscent of the spaces, culture, landscape and most importantly, the food!

Photography credits : Palak Jhaveri