Urban Design


Street : An extended home

Street : An extended home

Project Client

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai

Project Type

Street development


Napean Sea road, Mumbai

Project Status



2 km stretch

This proposal was given for the Mumbai Street labs competition, conducted by World Resources Institute (WRI) in collaboration with Muncipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM). It involved studying the existing condition of a 2 km street stretch on Nepeansea road, to come up with innovative solutions for pedestrianisation to encourage walking and public space use.

Nepeansea road is largely residential with various sub-precincts and experiences within recreational zone, shopping zone, institutional zone and work zones. There is a strong sense of belonging of the users to this place, along with the presence of organised community groups and hence offers an opportunity to experiment with a development model that is ‘Collaborative’ in nature. The design proposed to follow ‘Global street design standards’ and make the street a pilot case to create an extremely safe, inclusive, sustainable and vibrant street space. The proposal thus focused on a high quality public realm by providing sustainable modes of transportation, increasing walkability, making streets cyclable and creating highly efficient transit modes. The street was thus imagined as an ‘Extension of residents' Homes’, through a human-centric and domestic approach towards design. 

-To have a collaborative design process
-To follow global design standards
-To create a sense of ownership and street as an extension of home

Project in collaboration with : Dipti Talpade & Abhijit Ekbote