Inside the shed

Inside the shed

Project Client

Rimtex industries

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Project Status

Completed, February 2017


785 sqm

The shed houses a plastic sheet machinery plant. Its process includes making of plastic sheet from plastic granules by melting and bending them. The product is used to make card cans and cartons used in textile mills for cotton storage.

Inspite of the factory being extremely functional, there is an attempt to create a comfortable environment for workers inside. The shafts work as solar chimneys. It adopts the stack ventilation system owing to the temperature difference between shaft and the volume of the factory. The windows and details incorporated i the design, incubate the shaft for temperature rise. They also act as thermal insulators from South-West sun. When the shafts are accessed from outside they become spaces to sit and unwind. Long windows provide glimpses of the landscape outside for the workers when they are doing their mundane jobs. Ventilation of full volume of the factory and dissipation of heat from machine, are seen as two different things. For machine heat, an exhaust is installed while a mechanical air inlet is installed for dust free zone.

Photography credits: Pratik chandresha
Project Manager : Jagdish bhai and Dipak kumar.

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