Urban Development


A Public Ecosystem

A Public Ecosystem

Project Client

Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority, Bhat Gram Panchayat

Project Type

Lake development


Bhat, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Project Status



2 acres

The site for intervention, located in the outskirts of Ahmedabad city, had a lake which used to fill annually with rainwater but over the years had become a wasteland and dump. The lake functioned as an important source of water for the village around, being both a resource and space for social and recreational activities. The village panchayat thus wanted to rejuvenate the lake and recreational activities around it.

The programme was developed over a series of discussions and exercises with residents. Functions like a self-help group center, amul parlour, organic farming garden, bio-gas plant are introduced to sustain the park and inculcate sustainable practices within residents. The lake is proposed to be filled with rainwater during monsoon and through recycled grey water during dry months. Natural plantations are placed strategically around the lake to retain water avoiding the concrete boundary walls. Large trees plantations are proposed at the water edge to lower  the evapouration rate of surface water. The park land is sloped towards the lake, with a distribution of water collection pockets all around the site to channelise water around the site. 

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