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The Courtyard house

The Courtyard house

Project Client

Ratanjali developers

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Jesangpura, Gujarat

Project Status



172 Sqm

'The courtyard house' is a villa designed for an upcoming township near Thol lake, Ahmedabad. The residence will be a weekend house for nearby city dwellers. An abode away from the city is the idea behind the residence which incorporates the nature in the design. The boundaries between the inside and the outside have been blurred.

The main structure is load bearing mud brick walls and steel columns. The truss is made out of MS folded plate inspired from brtish wrough iron trusses. Flooring is done with IPS and natural stones like Jaisalmer, Kadappa and Kota. Manglore tiles are used for roofing. An underground water tank is made to harvest rainwater. A chowk beneath a tree is made at the entrance as an outdoor space for the family. Vastu principles have also been followed in the design.

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