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Samvedna Anganwadi

Samvedna Anganwadi

Project Client

Samvedna trust

Project Type

Educational institution



Project Status



370 sqm

This project is designed for an informal settlement in an urban area in Ahmedabad, which has a lack of basic public infrastructure. The proposal consists of a complex of two anganwadi classrooms, a workshop for mothers and young women (for skill training activities), a common kitchen and a play area.

The design optimally responds to its surroundings and to its climate to create a space that is not only sufficient and functional, but also carefully crafted to create spaces that can nurture child growth and enhance their learning capabilities.

There are spaces where children can sit, run, stand, jump, roll, fall, hide, crawl and relax. The two classrooms are divided by a sliding panel that doubles up the space when necessary. Light, texture and a sense of playfulness of elements form the basis of the concept of the proposal.

The workshop engages the mothers of the children studying in the school in various capacity building activities so that they could generate an active income as well.

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