Urban Design


Nepean Greens

Nepean Greens

Project Client

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation

Project Type

Public Plaza


Mumbai, Maharashtra

Project Status

Completed, January 1970


1000 Sqm

Nestled in the heart of Nepean Sea Road in Mumbai, "Nepean Greens" is a versatile community space accessible to all. Formerly a neglected set of steps alongside an abandoned garden, this area underwent a transformation into a stepped plaza, seamlessly merging the two spaces. The result is an expansive public venue featuring spacious platforms, terraces, lush sloping lawns, a continuous ramp, and diverse seating options. Beyond serving as a rest area for people waiting at the bus stop, these spaces cater to various daily activities such as evening gatherings, morning yoga sessions, cardio exercises, and engaging in board games. They are also well-suited for hosting small-scale events like concerts, flea markets, informal exhibitions and reading sessions. This initiative, commissioned by the Bombay Municipal Corporation, reimagined the originally dilapidated steps as a vibrant plaza, transforming the entire area for the community.

There is a set of continuous steps that connects two streets on different levels, and these steps are extended and expanded to create platforms that merge with the landscape. The steps and platforms are overall cladded with black granite and red lakha and yellow jaisalmer stone are used in patches to highlight specific nooks and corners of the steps and to break the monotony of the material. There is also an informal platform that can be used for small gigs. A continuous bench spans the entire stretch of the space adjacent to the street. This is made of coloured pebbles filled in a gabion wall, finished with red lakha stone. The sloping ramp/walkway is created for elderly and people with disabilities to also use the space and reach the street on top with ease. 

Photography Credits : The Space Tracing Studio (Karan Gajjar)