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House on the hills

House on the hills

Project Client

Mr.Dinesh Bisht

Project Type



Gurdhodi, Uttarakhand

Project Status



330 sqm

The house on the hills is a project that was designed with an imagination to experience the vast and breathtaking landscape of the himalayan ranges. The design sits very subtly on the contoured site. The idea is to merge the form of the building within the landscape. It explores the idea of local in its construction techniques, responding to the resources available.

The spatial organisation is contemporary innature and the extended roof with dormer windows facing the valley enhances the user experience. A central spiral staircase leads to a vantage point unravelling the beauty of the mountains. There are two levels in the house, wherein the lower level houses all the public functions with a large living room, opening up to the surrounding green landscape on one side. The upper level has two bedrooms with balconies (acting as dormer windows) which help in getting light and creates a cozy corner for the client to sit and look outside.

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